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The Practice

When Cardiologist Dr. J. Douglas Overbeck founded the Tuscan Cardiovascular Center in 2008, he made only one promise to the North Texas communities that he serves:  to provide a personal approach and individualized care plan, blending his knowledge and experience with the most advanced technology and latest prevention strategies in the field. That’s why Tuscan Cardiovascular Center is not the largest cardiac facility in the area. Our focus is not on patient volume and one-solution-fits-all. Instead, we choose to focus on the actual patient so that care and treatment provided is the right approach for that individual.

When you face heart trouble, Dr. Overbeck and the staff at Tuscan Cardiovascular Center not only guide you through the right treatments, they also serve as advisors for preventative care so that you can experience a healthy, happy, long-term lifestyle without the worry of cardiac arrest, stroke and other threatening cardiac issues.

Patients at Tuscan Cardiovascular Center also benefit from Dr. Overbeck’s long-term experience in cardiac care, including his affiliation with the Medical & Surgical Clinic of Irving—a multi-specialty clinic offering services from primary care physicians and a variety of specialists. And, he recently expanded the Vein Clinic to offer varicose vein treatment at Stephenville Medical & Surgical Clinic.  No matter the issue or health challenge, Dr. Overbeck can provide the right resources and expertise needed, so all you experience is seamless care.